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IncuCyte® Cell Invasion Accessories

Incucyte® Cell Invasion Accessories

Enables fine temperature control of biomatrices during invasion assay set up. Purchased in addition to the Incucyte® Cell Migration Kit (4493).

(Cat. No. 4444)

Working with biomatrices such as Collagen-1 or Matrigel® can be challenging, given their pH- and temperature-dependent viscosity and known batch-to-batch variation. The Incucyte® Cell Invasion Kit enables fine temperature control of biomatrices during assay set up, both for low temperatures (4 - 8 °C) to avoid unwanted gelling, and when steadily and uniformly increasing to 37°C to form the 3D gel.

  • 2x CoolBox 96F Systems plus 2 x CoolSink 96F - for close temperature control of biomatrices during preparation in flat-bottom microplates.
  • 1 x extra CoolSink 96F - placed at 37°C and ensures even heat transfer to each well of the ImageLock plate during the gelling process.
  • CoolBox M30 System with CoolRack – ensures controlled thawing of biomatrix aliquots. Rapid or uneven thawing can impair performance and prevent formation of an optically clear and homogeneous 3D gel.
  • Incucyte™ Cell Migration & Invasion Assays User Manual - A comprehensive guide to our cell migration/invasion assays, including in depth data analysis and detailed example protocols.

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