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IncuCyte® Caspase-3/7 Green Apoptosis Assay Reagent

IncuCyte® Caspase-3/7 Green Apoptosis Assay Reagent

One vial (20 µl) of 5 mM mix and read reagent in DMSO sufficient for 100-200 live-cell apoptosis tests in 96-well format.

(Cat. No. 4440)

The IncuCyte® Caspase-3/7 Green Apoptosis Assay Reagent couples the activated caspase-3/7 recognition motif (DEVD) to NucView™488, a DNA intercalating dye to enable quantification of apoptosis over time. The Caspase-3/7 assay reagent is specially formulated for use in the IncuCyte® live-cell analysis system and can be added directly to tissue culture wells using a no wash, mix and read protocol to acquire live cell images of cells undergoing caspase-3/7 mediated apoptosis. In addition, the Caspase-3/7 assay reagent is non-perturbing to cell growth and morphology. When added to tissue culture medium, this inert, non- fluorescent substrate crosses the cell membrane where it is cleaved by activated caspase-3/7 resulting in the release of the DNA dye and green fluorescent staining of nuclear DNA. Kinetic activation of caspase-3/7 can be monitored morphologically using live cell imaging, and quantified using the IncuCyte® basic analyzer.

Caspase-3/7 apoptosis assay reagent