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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Gain insights into biological process of cells in real time via non-perturbing quantitive analysis

Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System

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"IncuCyte, automated long-term live-cell imaging system, offers a powerful platform for Stem Cell Research. This imaging system in combination with cellular dyes, stem cell specific stains and antibodies is an ideal solution for real time tracking of reprogramming, dissecting basic biology and screening for modulators of pluripotency maintenance and differentiation."

Uma Lakshmipathy, Life Technologies

"By using IncuCyte, we cut down assay development time because we, as a cell-based assay group, can easily monitor cell doubling time and determine proper cell seeding density, which affects the success of cell based assays."

Eunhye Park, Ph.D., Scientist II/Oncology-Cell Based Assay Group, Novartis (NIBR)

"The IncuCyte has proved itself a robust and stable imaging platform, with multiple systems having been in near constant use for greater than 3 years.  These systems are used for both product development and manufacture/QC of numerous products and we’ve been pleased with system performance and the service & support provided by Essen."

R&D Manager, Life Sciences Division, Life Technologies

"The IncuCyte live cell imager is a must have tool when your research requires monitoring cell based assays in real-time ... I would recommend the instrument to anyone doing cell based screening."

Juha Rantala, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Department Of Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health and Science University

"[The IncuCyte] took away much of the hard work associated with proliferation and migration assays in our studies under hypoxic conditions. We have two IncuCytes that have been running virtually non-stop for the last four years, and the reliability is remarkable.

Stephen Chung, Lab Manager, Brad Wouter's Lab, Hypoxia Program, Ontario Cancer Institute